ANEW Program with Gunlocke, A Furniture End-of-Life Referral Program

Gunlocke recognizes that many clients with no-longer-needed assets want a disposition option other than their local landfill. We've partnered with ANEW, a leader in corporate surplus stewardship, for their ability to work with our clients, understand their needs, and help them achieve their goals. ANEW manages the entire disposition process and documentation including final reports, comprehensive metrics, tax receipts, and Certificates of Social Sustainability. ANEW helps identify and manage opportunities for donation to charities, non-profits, public agencies, and the under-served.

About ANEW

ANEW (Asset Network for Education Worldwide) is a 501c3 non-profit dedicated to enriching the business communities of its client partners by matching their corporate surplus furniture and other items to nearby charities, public agencies, and the underserved. ANEW is focused on doing what's right with what's left®.

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Developed: 4/2016