Indoor Air Environment
Controllability of Systems - lighting
Daylight and Views
IEQ Credit 8.1 & 8.2
3 Points


Our design specialist can assist in the design of appropriate furniture applications for contribution to these credits


To provide the building occupants a connection to outdoors through the introduction of daylight and views into the regularly occupied areas of the tenant space.


Credit 8.1:

Provide a minimum daylight illumination in at least 75% (1 point) or 90% (2 points) of all regularly occupied spaces.

Credit 8.2: Achieve a direct line of sight to the outdoor environment via vision glazing between 30 inches and 90 inches above the finish floor for building occupants in 90% of all regularly occupied areas. Determine the area with a direct line of sight by totaling the regularly occupied square footage that meets the following criteria: · In plan view, the area is within sight lines drawn from perimeter vision glazing. · In section view, a direct sight line can be drawn from a point 42 inches above the floor (typical seated eye height) to perimeter vision glazing.

The line of sight may be drawn through interior glazing. For private offices, the entire square footage of the office may be counted if 75% or more of the area has a direct line of sight to perimeter vision glazing. If less than 75% of the area has a direct line of sight, only the area with the direct line of sight count toward meeting the credit requirement. For multi-occupant spaces, the actual square footage with a direct line of sight to perimeter vision glazing is counted.


minimum percentage materials recycled for each point is as follows:
8.1, 75% daylight illumination achieved (1 point)
8.1, 90% of daylight illumination achieved (2 points)
8.2, Direct line of sight for 90% of regularly occupied areas (1 point)

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