Innovation In Design
Innovation In Design
"Innovation In Design"
EA 1.1
1-5 Points


Path 1: We can assist in providing educational and community outreach programs.
Path 2: Gunlocke furniture can contribute under the exemplary performance strategies available for MR 4, MR 5 and MR 7.


To provide design teams and projects the opportunity to achieve exceptional performance above the requirements set by the LEED Green Building Rating System and/or innovative performance in Green Building categories not specifically addressed by the LEED Green Building Rating System.


Credit can be achieved through any combination of the Innovation in Design and Exemplary Performance Paths.

Path 1: Innovation in Design (1-5 points). Achieve significant, measurable environmental performance using a strategy not addressed in the LEED 2009 for Commercial Interiors Rating System.

Path 2: Exemplary Performance (1-3 points). Achieve exemplary performance in an existing LEED 2009 for Commercial Interiors prerequisite or credit that allows exemplary performance as specified in the LEED Reference Guide for Green Building Interior Design, 2009 Edition. An exemplary performance point may be earned for achieving double the credit requirements and/or achieving the next incremental percentage threshold of an existing credit in LEED.

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